The Advantages of Working with a Therapist in Training

Sex Therapy Herts offers low cost sex and relationship therapy for individuals, couples and multiple partnered people. The service is provided by therapists undertaking specialist sex and relationship therapy training at the Contemporary Institute of Clinical Sexology, (CICS), under the guidance of our Clinical Director and CICS Course Director Julie Sale. Our therapists in training have reached the stage in their development where they are deemed competent to safely offer sex and relationship therapy for a range of sex and relationship related problems.

It is a common assumption that a therapist in training might not be as effective as a fully qualified therapist. Although a fully qualified therapist will certainly have more experience, there are many advantages to working with a therapist in training.

  • What therapists in training lack in experience they gain in up to date knowledge. The therapists in training providing the STH service have the very latest knowledge in sex and relationship therapy approaches from their training at CICS.
  • All of our team members have completed thorough training in all aspects of diversity including gender, relationships, sexuality, race, religion, culture, disability and neurodiversity. They understand how these intersections of identity affect the sex and relationship lives of the people in our society today.
  • Therapists in training only work with small numbers of clients, which means each individual client gets a high level of attention and focus.
  • Therapists in training are required to have much more clinical supervision than qualified therapists. Their work is closely monitored and guided by their supervisors, all of whom in our service are senior specialist sex and relationship therapists.
  • Therapy with a therapist in training is offered at a much lower cost than with an experienced therapist. Sex therapy in our service starts at £15 a session compared with an average rate of £60 for a fully qualified sex and relationship therapist.  
  • Some of the team members in our service are qualified nurses and doctors, with specialist knowledge and experience in sexual health. They are offering low cost sex and relationship therapy as part of their development to becoming registered psychosexual and relationship therapists.  
  • All of our therapists in training are mature individuals with a range and depth of life and work experiences, all of which adds to their ability to support the resolution of your sexual or relationship problem.
  • Every one of our team members are super keen to hone the craft of sex and relationship therapy. This is their new career and, as such, they are fully engrossed in their learning and in building their clinical competence.

These are all great reasons to trust our service to provide you with the very best support. If you need help with your sex or relationship life contact our Practice Manager Kathy Freeman for a confidential referral to one of our keen and well prepared sex and relationship therapists in training.

Blog Post written by:
Julie Sale
CICS Course Director and Psychosexual Psychotherapist