Finding a therapist you can trust with the details of your sexual or relationship concerns is difficult. We have compiled here a list of the colleagues and CICS graduates that we can recommend. The professionals on this page have in depth training in clinical sexology within a contemporary, evidence-based framework. Please contact them directly for further details on their availability and services.

Low Cost Sex and Relationship Therapy

If money is tight, as it is for most of us, rest assured you will be appropriately supported by our low cost sex and relationship therapy team at Sex Therapy Herts. The therapists in this team are in the clinical practice phase of their specialist sex and relationship therapy training and can offer support at a significantly lower rate than fully qualified sex and relationship therapists. They have fewer clients and are more recently trained so, what they lack in experience they make up for in capacity and contemporary knowledge. Contact via email for professional and considered support.

Recommended Therapists

May Adem Therapist

May Adem - she/her

May is an Integrative Arts Psychotherapist and a Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist.

Her approach follows the bio-psycho-socio model and is inclusive of gender, sexual and relationship diversity. May is an Accredited Member with the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP),is Registered with the Health and Care Professional Council (HCPC) and is a Registered member of the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT).

May is a graduate of the CICS Diploma in Clinical Sexology and Relationship Therapy programme.

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Justine Clare Therapist

Justine Clare - she/her

Justine is a COSRT Registered Psychosexual and Relationship therapist and a CICS Pathway 1 graduate. Justine works with a broad range of sexual function issues and relationship problems within her private practice.  She also works as the psychosexual therapist for the counselling division of a domestic violence charity based in Chelmsford.

Prior to training as a sex and relationship therapist, Justine worked hands on with horses. As almost entirely silent communicators, horses have instilled in Justine an ethos of listening, patience and empathy.  This background has nurtured a keen interest in the parallels between human and non-human animal behaviour, especially within the areas of communication, trauma and compulsive behaviours.

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Holly Dorling Therapist

Holly Dorling - she/her

Holly is a COSRT Registered Sex and Relationship Therapist in the Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire area. She trained with us here at CICS and worked with Sex Therapy Herts offering therapy to a wide variety of people. Holly offers some in person sessions in her therapy room in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire and Zoom sessions nationwide. Welcoming all clients, she can support with a range of sexual function problems and relationship issues, with her calm, empathetic and non-judgemental approach. Holly understands that issues relating to sex and relationships are deeply personal and private, meaning they can often seem difficult to face and ask for help. As a specialist, she encourages all clients to reach out and push past the barrier of shame or embarrassment in order to get the help that they may need. Holly passionately believes that we can all play a part in destigmatising many aspects around sex and relationships, and that starts with talking about it!

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Lindsay Dukes Therapist

Lindsay Dukes - she/her

Lindsay is a Clinical Sexologist/ Sex and Relationship Therapist specialising in Gender, Sexual and Relationship Diversity including Kink & Consensual Non-Monogamy. Her therapeutic work focuses on re-centring consent, communication and pleasure as radical components for human connectivity. Lindsay works both online and from her therapy rooms in Dalston, London.

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Beck Harrison Therapist

Beck Harrison - they/them

As a queer, agender, polyamorous person, and a kink practitioner Beck has direct experience of the kinds of challenges that GSRD folk can encounter when trying to access affirming therapy. It was this, and their passion for sex and relationship education that led them to become a sex and relationship therapist.

Beck is LGBT+, non-monogamy, neurodiversity and kink affirming. This means that they won’t pathologise you for who you are, how you practice relationships and how you have sex. They will respect the kind of relationships that you are in, your gender identity, your sexual orientation and your sexual preferences. They do not practice or condone conversion therapy.

They are a pluralistic therapist, which means that they integrate models and tools from a range of schools of therapy and find what works best for you. It also means that they work collaboratively to make decisions on interventions, exercises and treatment plans with their clients, holding a continual dialogue about the direction that therapy is moving in.

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Dan Kent Therapist

Daniel Kent - he/him

Dan is an COSRT accredited psychosexual and relationship therapist, registered supervisor and BACP registered therapist. He runs his own private practice in Bricket Wood, Hertfordshire.

Dan’s core training is humanistic and he practices from a pluralistic approach, utilising person-centred, CBT and psychodynamic therapies with individual clients and couples.

He has previously provided counselling at CRI Spectrum supporting people with addictions, St Albans Hospital Sexual Health Clinic, the Local Counselling Centre and Woodbridge Therapy.

Prior to teaching at CICS, Dan taught on the counselling diploma at Barnet College, North London.

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Bima Loxley Therapist

Bima Loxley - they/them

Bima Loxley (they/them) is a nonbinary psychosexual and relationship therapist and sex educator who works with individuals, couples, multiple partnered relationships and families. Their life and work revolves around diversity inclusion and equality; aiming always to normalise and destigmatise what our society calls taboo. Bima loves working with people who sit out of the binary like them, be that with your sexuality, gender or relationship style. They offer a free consultation to begin with, so you can find out if they’re the right fit for you!

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Suzanne Lunn Therapist

Suzanne Lunn - she/her

Suzanne is a qualified Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist, registered with the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT). She has a post-graduate Diploma in Clinical Sexology and Relationship Therapy and a Foundation Certificate in Counselling Skills and Practice from the Contemporary Institute for Clinical Sexology (CICS). She also has a Bachelors degree in English and American Literature (University of Warwick) and an Executive Masters degree in Public Policy (London School of Economics).

Suzanne spent more than 20 years working in education and social care policy and public sector leadership, management and coaching before training as a specialist psychotherapist. She has extensive experience working with senior politicians and business leaders and understands the pressures of high profile and demanding jobs on individuals and their relationships. Suzanne has worked as a psychosexual therapist for the charity Controlling Chemsex and for the South West London Sexual Health service (NHS) before moving into private practice.

Suzanne offers a confidential, warm, empathic and non-judgemental space to explore your problems and help you work towards feeling happier. She is trained in a pluralistic approach to talking therapy and draws on psychodynamic, CBT, mindfulness, attachment and trauma-informed psychological theories and practices to help you achieve your goals. She identifies as a heterosexual woman and practices in an LGBTQ+ affirmative and kink-friendly way. Suzanne works with adult individuals in one-to-one therapy and with intimate partners in couples therapy.

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Mike Mayos Therapist

Mike Mayos - he/him

Mike is a registered sex and relationship therapist with COSRT, Pink Therapy and The National Council for Integrated Therapists, working with individuals, couples and people with multiple relationships.

Mike works with a broad range of psychosexual issues including low libido, unreliable erections, delayed ejaculation and all aspects of anxiety surrounding sexuality. Aiming to create as positive an experience of sexuality as possible for his clients, he works within a bio-psycho-social pluralistic approach, incorporating a broad range of theoretical approaches as best suits the client’s needs. He specialises and is particularly trained in supporting clients struggling with compulsive sexual behaviour, as well as those struggling with Chemsex issues, aiming to re-establish  a fulfilling and healthy sex life for his clients . Mike has worked with major charities such as Controlling Chemsex and CRUSE, in the UK, and Men As Well in the Netherlands supporting those that have experienced sexual trauma. He has trained with the European Sex Workers Alliance in Amsterdam and welcomes the opportunity to work with that community. Mike is kink knowledgeable and trained to work with gender, sexual and relationship diversity related themes.

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Lisa McGarva Therapist

Lisa McGarva - she/her/they/them

Lisa has an online global practice (Thinking Feeling Moving) offering Clinical Sexology, Relationship Therapy, Counselling and Yoga Therapy.  Providing a safe environment where clients can feel comfortable in their bodies and feel safe in sharing intimate thoughts and problems without fear of judgment.  Honouring all gender, sexualities and relationship diversities (GSRD), she is a queer, kink knowledgeable therapist that takes a sex positive approach to compulsive sexual behaviours and pornography use.

Lisa holds registrations with:

  • College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists(UK)
  • Australian Counselling Association
  • International Association of Yoga Therapists
  • Yoga Australia
  • Queensland College of Teachers
  • Australian Sexologists Association
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Imogen Nevard Therapist

Imogen Nevard - she/her

Imogen is an integrative therapist with a specialism in psychosexual and relationship therapy. She works as a teaching assistant and doctoral researcher at the University of Manchester and a Co-Teacher on the CICS Diploma in Clinical Sexology and Relationship Therapy. Imogen has published work on mental health and counselling including kink-aware psychotherapy practice. She is an accredited member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) and a registered member of the College of Sex and Relationship Therapists (COSRT). Imogen is a graduate of the CICS Diploma in Clinical Sexology and Relationship Therapy Programme and is now a CICS Tutor on this course.

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Chloe Scotney Therapist

Chloe Scotney - they/them

Chloe is an experienced and passionate counsellor and psychosexual therapist who specialises in all areas GSRD (Gender, Sexual, and Relationship Diversity). Chloe is an openly queer, non-binary and neurodivergent practitioner who is dedicated to offering a non-judgemental space to individuals of all backgrounds to discuss their wellbeing needs.

Using an integrative approach, they work pluralistically and tailor treatment to the individuals, couples, and polycules.

Chloe has been trained on both UKCP and COSRT accredited courses; meeting the highest standards of education and ethical practice. They continue to enhance their standards with an ongoing commitment to professional development and new learning.

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Laura Stannard Therapist

Laura Stannard - she/her

Laura is a psychosexual and relationship therapist, working with individuals and people in relationships. As a therapist Laura is warm, curious and compassionate. In her work she strives to provide a judgement free space where her clients can truly express themselves and gain some insight and understanding into what they are going through. If you're searching for a therapist with lived experience, Laura is autistic + ADHD (AuDHD) and received her diagnosis late in life. She is also part of the LGBTQIA+ community and welcomes and embraces diversity in all its glorious forms.

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Deborah Stocks Therapist

Deborah Stocks - she/her

Deborah is as a Psychosexual Therapist, practicing her therapy from both the Leger therapist service, the Leger Clinic, Doncaster and over a virtual platform Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Deborah has also worked as a Learning Disabilities (LD) and Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) nurse for over 20 years in the NHS. She has worked within the area of profound physical and sensory disabilities, challenging behaviours, and elderly people with LD.  Deborah has worked on forensic wards with people with the diagnosis LD, ASD and ADHD and has completed further developmental training in ASD and ADHD, which strengthens her knowledge around this area.  Deborah also has a degree in Mental Health Care.

Deborah specialises in working with psychosexual and relationship therapy themes with people who have learning disabilities/difficulties, autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Deborah offers psychosexual information in formats of an individual understanding, weather this be pictures, symbols or large prints, this enables the person to make their own choices wherever possible.

Deborah has completed training with COFRA (Compassion Focused Risk Awareness), one-to-one programme for Managing Sexual Risk in October and November 2022. Deborah has a wealth of knowledge in working with people who are at risk of becoming a sex offender and people that have offended.

Deborah is trained in EMDR, which gives her the knowledge and skills to work with people who have suffered from trauma.

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Tracy Tuffs Therapist

Tracy Tuffs

Tracy is a COSRT Accredited Psychosexual and Relationship therapist. She works with individuals, couples, families, children and young people on a wide range of presenting issues including sex and relationship issues and compulsive sexual behaviours. Tracy is a qualified clinical supervisor and works with counsellors in training and qualified counsellors within her private practice.

Previously Tracy was the service lead for a Local Hospice and developed a counselling service within a local prison. She was also invited to guest speak at a national Hospice UK conference about her work with marginalised communities and bereavement. Tracy has extensive experience of teaching counselling, sex and relationship therapy at Master’s level in several educational settings.

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