The CICS two-year Diploma in Clinical Sexology is a unique interdisciplinary programme, distinctive from similar courses in its attention to the combined psycho-social and organic dimensions of sexual and relationship health and wellbeing. The course has been designed to ensure that by the end of the programme, our graduates have a solid foundation of comprehensive knowledge and skills for confident therapeutic practice with sexual and relationship health and wellbeing problems.

Gender, sexual and relationship diversity is fully integrated into all aspects of the course.

Our course is approved by the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists, meaning that it meets the stringent requirements of the UK’s largest accrediting body for sex and relationship therapists. The course is also attentive to the Syllabus of Clinical Sexology provided jointly by the European Federation of Sexology (EFS) and European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM).

The therapeutic theoretical orientation of the course is “pluralism”. Pluralism is an emerging way of thinking about therapy, based on the fundamental assumption that no one therapeutic approach has the monopoly on understanding the causes of distress or on the most helpful therapeutic responses. Instead, it suggests that different clients are likely to want, and benefit from, different things in therapy.  We teach a range of contemporary approaches to therapy, to best serve each unique client, whilst maintaining the centrality of the client, relational working and the therapeutic alliance to all counselling and psychotherapy work.

The course runs monthly on Fridays and Saturdays, intended to be convenient for professionals already in full-time work and is based in historical Cambridge within easy access of the City Centre.

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Entry Requirements

Applicants must have a foundation training in counselling and be able to demonstrate that they have sufficient counselling competencies to enable them to meet the demands of the course.

Applicants without a foundation training in counselling are invited to apply for the CICS Foundation Certificate in Counselling Skills and Practice.

Applicants without a diploma in counselling will be required to complete a supplementary section to the Evidence of Learning Portfolio to demonstrate counselling, boundary and risk management skills.

Course Assesment

Assessment is continuous and comprises of both written and observed assessment protocols.

  1. Evidence of Learning Portfolio
    Throughout the course students complete structured Evidence of Learning Portfolio to demonstrate their understanding of each of the course modules, using whichever medium best suits their learning style. This could be, for example, traditional essays or films, mind maps, drawings and poems, works and projects that adequately capture and illustrate that the syllabus has been understood.
  2. Case Study
    Students are required to complete a comprehensive, 4000-word case study to demonstrate the integration of their learning into safe, supervised clinical practice.
  3. Assessment
    The final two days of the course comprise of a series of live assessments in the presence of an external assessor to confirm successful assimilation of learning and appropriate application to clinical practice.
  4. Clinical Practice
    To be awarded the CICS Diploma in Clinical Sexology, students must complete 200 hours of clinical practice supervised at a ratio of 1:6, covering the full range of sexual and relationship presentations. This is in line with COSRT requirements. This clinical practice must include a minimum of 10 cases, 5 of which must be couples/multiples.

Qualification Pathways

Following successful completion of the CICS diploma, students can work towards COSRT accreditation. To achieve COSRT accreditation, students must complete a total of 450 clinical hours supervised at a ratio of 1:6 (an additional 250 hours to the diploma).

Students who are already accredited with BACP, UKCP, BPS, HCPC and equivalent will need to complete a total of 320 clinical hours (instead of 450) for COSRT accreditation supervised at a ratio of 1:6 (an additional 120 hours to the diploma).

CICS can support students through the COSRT pathway to UKCP Registration.


The course fee is £6,100. A non-refundable deposit of £300 is payable on acceptance of a place. The balance is then paid in 24 equal monthly installments, commencing 1st March 2020.

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