17 June 2020 9am to 1pm


This workshop has been created to help therapists and sexual health professionals to better understand kink sexual orientations and practices.

Historically, the therapy profession has not treated people with alternative sexualities well. Sexual kinks have been considered to be caused by abuse histories, disrupted sexual development and mental illness, although research has found no evidence that people with kink preferences have a greater incidence of mental health problems or history of trauma or abuse than the general population.

Therapists with no personal or professional experience of kink can worry that power or pain preferences can be signs of sexual or domestic violence. They can inadvertently subject their clients to accidental conversion therapy, in an attempt to reduce or eradicate, rather than support and integrate, kink preferences.

In this live online workshop Dominic Davies, CEO of Pink Therapy, will bust some myths on alternative sexualities and equip therapists to better support clients presenting with kink related themes.

What we will cover:

4 CPD hours

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